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Membership Memo: Don’t Sit on the Sidelines

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2017

For years our company sat on the sidelines, attending the Powder Coating Institute (PCI) trade shows and not much else. We enjoyed the networking opportunities, but we were looking for more. Two years ago, we joined PCI as a platinum member, which permits one employee to attend the annual meeting at reduced cost.

Besides being held in some very attractive venues, the annual meeting provides valuable information regarding the overall economy and specific aspects for our industry relating to legislation, technological advancements, and more. Being part of a peer group such as PCI creates a healthy environment in which to share meaningful dialog and an awareness of niche market opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Professionalism and a high level of mutual respect is noticeable, even among members who might otherwise be considered the competition. PCI’s participation in FABTECH provides us the opportunity to exhibit our products to a worldwide stage with opportunity to contact key decision makers from both small and large corporations. We also participate in the technical conferences, important for networking, learning and exposing our products by way of the tabletop exhibits to attendees with varying levels of experience.

The association also allows members the opportunity to share their experience by contributing valuable input in the various membership committees focused on raising awareness of powder coating and its advantages while simultaneously working to elevate the level of quality within the industry. We proudly display the Powder Coating Institute’s logo on our website, through social media and our promotional materials.

Do yourself a favor and don’t sit on the sidelines; get in the game!

Jesse Stricker is founder and CEO of Intek Corp., Union, Mo. He can be reached via email at