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Troubleshooting: Where Do We Begin?
We are sometimes mystified at the speed at which “experts” can troubleshoot; however, it’s because they have done this many times, probably have seen the same or similar problems, and know where to start looking.........  READ MORE

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Troubleshooting Field Defects
In a perfect world there would be no need to troubleshoot powder coating defects in the field. The following is a guide for what to look for, how to confirm root cause, and recommendations for corrective action when troubleshooting defects in the field.........  READ MORE

Hey Joe, We powder coat formed wire products made from 1008/1010 grade steel. The powders are epoxy and polyester hybrid/TGIC types. How long must we wait, after cure: a) to test for crosshatch adhesion and.....Get your answers here Submit Questions Here