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Chemical Considerations for Automotive Applications
As the automotive industry evolves with a focus on lightweighting, increasing utilization of alternative substrates, and expanding the electric vehicle (EV) market, powder coating has kept pace through formulation of new powder types and low temperature curing technologies. But how have these changes impacted the chemistries used in support of the powder coating process?....................  READ MORE

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Unveiling the World of Effect Pigments
Effect pigments play a crucial role in the visual aesthetics and functional properties of powder coatings. A diverse selection of effect pigments is accessible for powder coatings, including aluminum, pearlescent, gold and bronze, stainless steel, and zinc. Aluminum pigments stand as the largest class utilized in powder coatings due to their versatility and effectiveness.................  READ MORE

We have a brand new powder coating system being installed as I type this, and I have been online watching some of the webinars you offer on your website. One thing I saw was that the parts should not be higher than 125 degrees Fahrenheit.......Get your answers here Submit Questions Here