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Achieving Positive Results with Precise Specifications
As powder coaters, we have all had this experience. A customer calls and is excited about working with your company on what is presented as an easy powder coating job. Great situation to be in, right? Well, not so fast. As the conversation continues, the customer says, “I’ve got this product and I need you to coat it black.” You reply, “What do you mean coat it black?” He says, “Just coat it black, you know, down and dirty black. It just has to be black and real cheap. I really don’t care how you make it black I just need it black, and by the way, I need it yesterday!”.............  READ MORE

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Achieving Color and Gloss Consistency
Color and gloss are two of the most important visual aspects of any powder coating formulation. They can have a big impact on the final appearance of the product and can also affect the overall quality impression of the coating.The right formulation can make all the difference in achieving the desired color and gloss. The right amount of pigment and binder, along with accurate cure temperature, will result in the perfect color.............  READ MORE


We design and build frames and weldments for our equipment. After they are fabricated, they are sent to our powder coating department. For the most part, the appearance and performance of the parts after coating meets our quality standards. However, I am having an issue where my powder coat will have good adhesion everywhere on the part except for the welds......Get your answers here Submit Questions Here