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Harvesting the Benefits of Powder

When the Flory family built a barn in Salida, Calif., in 1909, to raise dairy cows, one might wonder if anybody knew that more than a century later the same family would be running a successful metal fabrication and OEM farm equipment business from the very same location. Read on for the Flory story.

The Evolution of Powder Coating Technology

This edition of Technology Interchange will take you on a journey, exploring how our industry began and the path it took to the present day. READ MORE

In South Africa it is very difficult and very expensive to get piped gas into my plant. We are starting up a powder coating section for architectural extrusions. I would like to get some input as to whether I should select my ovens to be gas/diesel or infrared (IR). Is there a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis that has been done to determine the best options?

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