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Report on the Global Powder Coatings Market
The global powder coatings markets grew at an impressive rate in 2021 as the global economy recovered from the pandemic, the sustainability trend has further increased the conversion of liquid to powder, and more users discovered the benefits of powder coatings. But there were challenges that the market encountered as it relates to raw material availability and pricing............  READ MORE

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Turning Raw Material Supply Challenges into Opportunities
For the powder coating resin industry, the past two years have certainly been an interesting ride. Our collective dependence on a few crucial ingredients—namely terephthalic acid (PTA), neopentyl glycol (NPG), isophthalic acid (PIA), and a variety of key catalysts and additives—has left us exposed...........  READ MORE

We manufacture many different products that are powder coated. We have a couple of powder suppliers that provide us with TGIC polyester, white, smooth, and high gloss. However, our operators have said.....Get your answers here Submit Questions Here