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The Demand for Powder in the Appliance Industry: A Q&A

Since its founding in 1948, American Trim (known then as Lima Tool and Die) has achieved success by adding value to the parts it supplies to the appliance industry. The company’s first customer, a kitchen range manufacturer, fell in love with the stylish, chrome-plated handle that company owner Henry Hawk designed.

The First Steps in Manufacturing Powder Coatings

Producing a powder coating is a multi-step process. It can be described as semicontinuous because it begins as a batch process (weighing and premixing) but evolves into a continuous process (extrusion and milling). READ MORE

In South Africa it is very difficult and very expensive to get piped gas into my plant. We are starting up a powder coating section for architectural extrusions. I would like to get some input as to whether I should select my ovens to be gas/diesel or infrared (IR). Is there a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis that has been done to determine the best options?

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