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Color & Gloss Measurement
When comparing two samples with the same pigmentation, but different degrees of gloss, the one with the higher degree of gloss is visually perceived as darker and more saturated than the matte sample. For this reason, it is very important to measure both surface effects separately. READ MORE >>

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Formulating for Appearance: Colorant Pigments

There are two primary reasons to coat an object – to protect and to beautify. The inclusion of color into a formula satisfies the latter objective. Before delving into the particulars of pigmentation, a few definitions are in order. Colorant pigments are sometimes referred to as prime or opacifying pigments.

Q: Hey Joe,
I am looking at a report that a major company just sent in. The steel parts are showing signs of rust after 24 hours and visible signs of rust after 48 hours in a 5% salt fog solution. Somewhat new to this world of powder coating – how is this possible? 

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