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Mercury’s Powder Coating Stands Up to Tough Marine Environments
Mercury Marine is the world’s largest producer of recreational outboard motors, and their iconic Phantom Black engines are recognized around the world for not only their performance, but also the high-gloss black that holds up extremely well to harsh marine environments....  READ MORE

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Best Powder Coating Strategies for Corrosion Resistance

Overall, powder coatings are known for their reasonably high durability, including resistance to corrosive environments. Corrosive environments are encountered in many situations. READ MORE

Q. Joe, I have a question concerning the relationship between pretreatment chemicals (currently using a zirconium-based pretreatment in a six-stage system with an alkaline cleaner in stage one) and powder coat thickness. Can the condition of the bath play a role in how thick the dry film thickness is on a part?.... Get your answers here Submit Questions Here