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3 Steps to Improve Profitability in Powder Coating Shops
To compete and maximize profits in today’s business environment, powder coating shops need to take three basic steps with their business: digitize, automate, and optimize. Not only will these actions improve business performance, but they will significantly improve workload, stress, quality of work life, and both employee and customer satisfaction.............  READ MORE

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It Only Takes a Little: The Role of Flow Control Additives in Powder Coatings
In today’s world, with an eye on environmental awareness and the drive towards increased sustainability, powder coatings are an ideal solution for coating applications. The formulation of a finished coating that meets predefined criteria is a science. Additives are a critical piece of the puzzle for meeting these requirements..........  READ MORE


We have been powder coating for a little bit over one year and are seeing some quality issues such as light spray or bare spots. It does not happen all the time. We will have a batch of very good quality parts and then we start to see problems. After trying to isolate the problem, someone suggested that we are not maintaining a good earth ground....Get your answers here Submit Questions Here