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Young Talent Finds a Home in Powder Coating
The PCI Scholarship Program was designed to assist students studying in areas that advance powder coating technologies and includes the PCI General Scholarship, as well as corporate member-sponsored scholarships. Over the past four years, 19 scholarships totaling more than $60,000 have been awarded. READ MORE >>

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How Oven Conditions Affect Powder Coating Performance

This issue’s Technology Interchange topic helps you understand the critical relationship between materials and processes, specifically how your coating chemistry behaves in your curing oven. READ MORE

Q: Hey Joe,
I am looking at a report that a major company just sent in. The steel parts are showing signs of rust after 24 hours and visible signs of rust after 48 hours in a 5% salt fog solution. Somewhat new to this world of powder coating – how is this possible? 

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