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CARC Powder Topcoat: Bring it on

While CARC powder coatings have been approved for some time, until now powder has made up only a tiny fraction of overall CARC use. In many cases, powder coatings have frequently served only as a primer for CARC liquid top coats. The project talked about here really changes the game. Instead of being a specialty item, CARC powder is now an off-the-shelf product.

U.S. military vehicles are painted for many reasons—from concealing them with desert colors and camouflage patterns to providing special infrared (IR) signatures that reduce detection in the field. Military coatings also protect the vehicle’s metal surfaces from the attack of nature’s elements.

What's in a Flake? Metallic Look Powder Substrates

One of the more popular powder coating looks is metallics. Metallics range from a bright sparkle finish to a muted reflective patina that approximates the surface of a metal. Metallic effect powder coatings are found across a wide spectrum of decorative finishes, including automotive wheels and trim, under hood components, architectural facades, lawn mowers, office furniture, appliances and bicycles. READ MORE

I need your suggestions on a “Challenge for Powder Coating of Hydraulic Cylinders (Actuators)—Application—Cranes/Lifting Application.” We manufacture hydraulic cylinders, these specific models ranging in stroke length from 0.8 m to 3.8 m.

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