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Professional Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Fundamentals
Fluidized bed powder coating has been in use since its inception in the late 1950s. It is not difficult to find many examples of its continued use for important products that surround us every day. However, even with the longevity of this technology, there are still very few clear guidelines on how to develop a professional coating system of this kind....................  READ MORE

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Real Michael Addition in Powder Coatings
Lower temperature cure (LTC) application requires more than increasing the reactivity of the crosslinking chemistry. Formulating systems with high reactivity brings production challenges since extrusion temperatures are not far below the target cure temperature. This can also impact storage stability. A key issue is the rapid increase of melt viscosities at lower temperatures and the resulting reduced paint flow, impacting film formation and appearance. ................  READ MORE

We are a custom coater and have received a quote request from a new potential customer who provides parts to our state Department of Transportation (DOT). In their specifications, they refer to the PCI Recommended Procedure #3. Can you explain what this is?.......Get your answers here Submit Questions Here