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Renewed Interest in UV Powder Coating
Lately there is renewed interest in UV curable powder, which is being driven by both the global demand to meet corporate social responsibilities as well as the significant need for low temperature cure technology to broaden the applications of powder coatings. Minimal heat, as low as 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit), is required to melt and flow-out the powder, making UV powder a desirable technology.............  READ MORE

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Learning the Basics
Whether it’s your 10-year-old niece who can teach you a shortcut on your new smartphone or a chemist providing definitions for technical terminology in your favorite powder coating magazine, there are opportunities to learn all around us. Learning how stuff works is a large portion of how we grow, especially in our careers............  READ MORE

I have a powder coating line and am experiencing problems with the grounding of my parts. Specifically, the problem is with the load bars on my conveyors. Is there a particular hook material or finish that is required for a good ground?.....Get your answers here Submit Questions Here