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Built to Last Come Rain or Shine

How does the industry ensure the quality of powder coated architectural products? The development of standards and certifications, both domestically and abroad, have helped ensure that architectural products are built to last. Here, read about two specific associations whose sole purpose is improving the quality of architectural parts.

Architectural products have earned a reputation for having some of the most demanding coating performance requirements. Building products such as windows, doors, siding, roofing, and the aluminum extrusions that form the skeletons of buildings must brave the unrelenting forces of nature.

Powder Coating Summit: A Review

The 2016 Powder Coating Summit provided a cornucopia of advancements in powder coating technology. Topics ranged from twocoat systems to smart in-line powder application to fluoropolymer chemistry. Allow me to give you a synopsis of some of the topics presented. READ MORE

I am growing increasingly concerned of the spread of rust and blistering that is happening so rapidly to our powder coated steel fence. I am no expert on steel fencing, but I know that it is vital that steel should go through the proper pretreatment process prior to powder coating to maintain longevity of the powder coated finish.

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