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Using Nitrogen to Control Variables in Powder Coating
A growing number of coating systems are being converted from liquid to powder and manufacturers are choosing to bring coating operations in-house for the first time. Alongside this trend are manufacturers seeking automation solutions to add to their finishing operations. All with the same three main goals in mind: Reduce costs (powder consumption), improve quality, and increase production..................  READ MORE

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Powder Coating for Corrosion Protection: Basics of Corrosion
An important property of a well formulated powder coating is its ability to extend the life of the metal it is applied to. Metal begins its life in an oxidized state, buried in the ground.The process of converting the oxidized metal into pure metal requires the input of energy. Once separated from the ore, the metal must be protected, or passivated, from the outside environment...............  READ MORE


We have a new powder coating shop and want to know if we can recoat our parts if we have a defect and how we would go about this.......Get your answers here Submit Questions Here