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Improving Powder Utilization, Reducing Rejects, and Saving Money
Let’s face it, if we’re looking for cost savings, we often think about efficiency. Time is money, as they say. We all know that powder coatings are an outstanding coating choice, delivering a gorgeous finish, technical advantages over traditional liquid paints, and an unbeatable sustainability footprint. Ensuring an efficient powder operation will not only lead to beautiful finishes and happy customers but can also lead to cost savings...........  READ MORE

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How Are Powder Coatings Made?
The powder coating manufacturing process generally consists of six stages. Weigh up, mixing, extrusion, cooling/flaking, grinding, and packaging. It is typically considered both a batch and continuous process. The first two stages, weigh up and mixing, occur in containers or mixing vessels...........  READ MORE

My company is in the process of purchasing a new powder system. We are still fairly early in the process and are wondering if we should have the powder booth located in an environmental room?.....Get your answers here Submit Questions Here