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Membership Memo: Get in the Driver's Seat

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

By David Ki Underhill

If you were an employee at a firm that has dedicated itself solely to the sale of powder coating related equipment, wouldn’t you want to partner with an entity whose existence is dedicated to growing, improving and advancing your industry?

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) is just such an organization. Through its array of activities, it has energized and educated the market with technical conferences, development of marketing data, handson training workshops, webinars, certification programs and the dissemination of technical resources along with other industry information. As members, we are provided opportunities to meet a host of industry-leading professionals to discuss current trends, technologies and solutions related to our industry.

To be successful in this or any other industry, it is important to be in command of copious amounts of product knowledge, but even the most informed person will find strong networking relations with suppliers, manufacturers and even competitors as vital tools as well. Every PCI member that I have had any dealings with has displayed a level of professionalism and cooperation that honestly makes it a joy to collaborate on the advancement of all our chosen careers.

The powder industry is rapidly changing with the onslaught of new and improving technologies. Being a member of an organization like PCI positions you to not only be along for the ride, but empowers you to assist in driving the bus. Get involved, get trained or help train others with your involvement in PCI, and make this industry, how you earn your living, and the environment a better place.

David Ki Underhill is national sales manager at Parker Ionics. He can be reached via email at