Bonus Profiles: Part Preparation

Posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Before a part can be powder coated, it has to be properly prepared. Proper pretreatment is crucial for coating adhesion, and proper masking ensures that the finish is applied exactly where needed. This Bonus Profile section features advertising companies that can help you find the pretreatment and masking solutions to help you coat the job right. Be sure to let them know you found them in Powder Coated Tough!

Non-hazardous Liquid Pretreatment

Bulk Chemicals Inc. introduces ZIRCA-SIL® SW-1 and ZIRCA-SIL® HD-1. Both products are phosphate-free, zirconium-based chemicals that have the ability to simultaneously clean and coat metals with a phosphate-free conversion coating. Both products can be applied through hand wand or conventional spray systems. These products are non-hazardous and both are liquids.

Bulk Chemicals Inc.

Surface Treatment Technologies and Service

Chemetall, a leading supplier of applied surface treatments, offers comprehensive products and services for the metal finishing and fabrication industries.

Chemetall’s Total Value Proposition includes:

  • Global specialists locally available
  • Comprehensive and focused expert support
  • Integrated portfolio of innovative products
  • High quality standards
  • Fast and accurate labs
  • Open collaboration for efficient process performance

Process innovation is in everything we do—and is our dedication for customers.

Chemetall US Inc.

Prep for Metal and Plastic

Coral Chemical Company provides complete process efficiency solutions to the metal finishing industry including a full line of metal pretreatment products. From cleaning to conversion coatings to final rinses, Coral supplies everything needed to prepare metal and plastic products for the application of an organic coating. Coral’s Eco- Treat® metal pretreatment products provide an ecological and economical alternative to phosphate pretreatments. These low and no-phosphate products reduce wastewater concerns for an environmentally-friendly solution to pretreatment processes.

Coral Chemical Company

Stock and Custom Masking

CFS offers stock masking products, custom die cuts, custom molding, 3D printing, and a 3M Select Converter for all of your masking needs.

  • Stock masks ship out the same day.
  • Custom die cuts can be done in a few days.
  • 3D printing allows for fast prototype turnaround.

With more than 30 years of experience and five locations across the United States, CFS is sure to have the masking products for your finishing needs.

Custom Fabricating and Supplies (CFS)

The Echo Way…Changing Expectations, Solving Problems and Creating Peace of Mind

Echo takes pride in partnering with its customers to create innovative masking solutions that make sense for your business when a standard product doesn’t meet your requirements.

The company’s custom masking solutions have:

  • Improved line efficiencies
  • Decreased product rework
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved product quality

Other bottom-line tangibles also provide real value to you and your customers.

Echo Engineering and Production Supplies, Inc.

Emerald Paint Prep Non-Phosphate Conversion Coating

The next generation of phosphate-free conversion coatings, Emerald Paint Prep, outperforms iron phosphate coatings in corrosion protection, and that’s only the beginning.

Why choose this zirconium conversion coating?

  • Energy costs are reduced with operating temperatures up to 50% lower than phosphate baths.
  • New regulations are tightening phosphate and heavy metal discharge limits on wastewater discharge for manufacturers, Emerald Paint Prep eliminates this issue.
  • Non-phosphate conversion coatings require a short contact time of 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Significant reduction in sludge generation, resulting in a longer bath life.


Clean and Pretreat

Lincoln Chemical is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and conversion coatings for the cleaning and pretreatment of powder coated parts. Our innovative LincBond product line can help reduce chemical usage by up to 50% and requires no post treatment seal. It works at ambient temperatures without the use of phosphates, resulting in substantial energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and reduced environmental impact. LincBond delivers superior corrosion resistance and paint adhesion compared to traditional pretreatment coatings.

Lincoln Chemical Corp.

Advanced Surface Technologies for Industry

Torch, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, offers an extensive line of pretreatment products to help its customers achieve their performance, growth, quality and environmental goals. Their experienced team provides customers with the highest level of support and detailed attention.

  • Power Clean Pre-Cleaners
  • Micron Zinc Phosphate conversion coatings
  • Bond Guard Iron Phosphates and Zirconium conversion coatings
  • Eco-quest Non Phosphate Pretreatment
  • Bond Seal Final Seal Rinses
  • Erase Powder Coat Remover

Torch Surface Technologies

What is KOOL BLUE?

It is a total process control methodology that Troy Chemical has developed, based on 40 years of pretreatment expertise, to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of operating your paint pretreatment system. Kool Blue installations are designed to provide consistent savings. For example, taking a 1,000-gal tank from 140°F to 100°F saves a typical manufacturer $10,000 to $15,000 per year in energy costs alone. Similar savings are possible in process water and waste reduction. Payback periods on investment in automated, closed-loop systems are in the range of 1 to 3 years.

Troy Chemical Industries Inc.