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High-performance Powder Coating Extruder Lines from Xtrutech

Posted on Monday, May 22, 2023

In a competitive market, Xtrutech stands out as the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing in twin screw extruders for powder coating production. With over 20 years of global service under their belt, Xtrutech has positioned itself as an unparalleled market leader in the supply and support of high-performance extruder lines that combine efficiency, low maintenance and easy clean designs.

A cornerstone of Xtrutech's market leadership is its broad value proposition, unmatched by any other in the industry. The company's unique blend of state-of-the-art products, comprehensive service packages, and customer-oriented approach have allowed them to carve out a distinguished place in a highly competitive market.

Xtrutech XTS Range
The XTS range of twin screw extruders, designed and manufactured by Xtrutech, is a game-changer in powder coating production. These machines boast a unique top- and bottom-opening clamshell barrel design with insert liners and cooling blocks, enabling easy access for maintenance and cleaning, thereby reducing downtime, and enhancing operational efficiency. This design element also proves cost-effective, as the liners, made from abrasion and corrosion-resistant materials, are simple and easy to replace.

Xtrutech's XTS range features six models, each optimized to cater to a different scale and production need. The XTS19 and XTS24 (pictured below) are perfect for small batch testing, color matching, and trialing new formulations. The XTS35, on the other hand, is a versatile machine that can be utilized as either a laboratory, small batch production, or pilot line extruder.
For small to medium batches, the XTS44 (pictured below) stands out with its quick turnaround time, meeting urgent orders with an impressive output of up to 800 kg/hr (1764lbs/hr).

The largest models, XTS56 & XTS65 (pictured below), offer a high yield of up to 1600kgs/hr (3527lbs/hr) and 2400kgs/hr (5291lbs/hr) respectively. All XTS Extruders feature Xtra-volume, segmented, screw elements to optimize the feeding of traditionally difficult-to-feed low bulk density formulations.Xtrutech Ancillaries
Beyond the extruders themselves, Xtrutech also provides the accompanying ancillaries required for a complete extruder line. Their cooling systems include compact drum coolers for smaller extruders and cooling conveyors for larger scale production units. The company also offers a selection of feeding options, including top and side feeders, depending on your production requirements.

Further to the extrusion line, Xtrutech have developed the XTS Compactor (pictured left), a fines recycling system designed to reduce waste and increase efficiency in the powder coatings industry. This innovative solution compacts fines and reintroduces them to the mill as usable chips, creating a closed-loop system that significantly improves the sustainability of the powder coating production process with yield returns of up to 99%.

Xtrutech’s commitment to their customers extends well beyond the point of sale. Understanding the significance of seamless operation and longevity of legacy equipment, Xtrutech shines in its commitment to supporting customers' existing lines. They stand as an independent supplier of OEM-standard spare parts, covering a vast range of components to maintain extruders of all sizes. Coupled with their exceptional service packages, Xtrutech ensures your legacy extruder lines continue to function at peak performance.

Xtrutech Training
A hallmark of the company’s comprehensive offerings is its bespoke training capabilities. Recognizing the need for continuous upskilling in an evolving industry, Xtrutech provides in-depth training modules across three critical areas: operator, maintenance, and process. These modules ensure teams are well-equipped to operate, maintain, and optimize their extrusion equipment, fostering not just productivity but also enhancing the safety and lifespan of the equipment.

In essence, Xtrutech isn’t just an equipment provider, but a full-service partner for all powder coating production needs. Their in-depth industry knowledge, product excellence, and unwavering dedication to customer success consolidate their position as an unmatched market leader in the powder coating industry.

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