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PPG VERSOLON™ Coatings are Versatility Defined

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2023

For more than 30 years, PPG has provided powder coatings that combine beautiful finishes with exceptional performance.

With PPG Versolon solutions, PPG offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive mix of epoxies, polyester/epoxy hybrids, polyesters, polyester urethanes and fluoropolymers. The coatings provide protective barriers that resist marring, weathering, corrosion and abrasion.

From heavy-duty equipment to office furniture, ENVIROCRON® powder coatings by PPG are engineered to deliver innovative solutions for every application. PPG powder coatings deliver world-class protection for manufacturers and custom coaters who need beautiful levels of aesthetics and advanced performance.

Specifically formulated without solvents, PPG's family of specialty powder coatings include low-cure, high-transfer efficiency, one-coat extreme protection for sharp edges, dielectric powder and ultradurable powder technology.

And, as you’d expect from a global leader in coatings innovation, our powder coatings are quality-control tested to ISO 9001 and TS 16949 system standards to ensure the highest level of consistency throughout development and manufacturing. We then combine our leading technologies with expert field and service teams that are dedicated to helping your coatings application run effectively and efficiently.

Brilliant Color for the Long Haul
PPG Envirocron powder coatings offer not only exceptional protection but also brilliant, consistent colors across a variety of gloss levels. Along with industry-standard whites and blacks, we also offer popular colors specified by national customers and the ability to custom create or match thousands more.

Powerful Technologies to Meet Diverse Needs
From the corrosion resistance of an epoxy to the UV-durability of a polyester, your local PPG specialist can help you identify the best powder technology for your performance needs.

  • Epoxy Interior Grade
    Offering excellent chemical and mechanical properties, epoxies are the ideal technology when seeking outstanding corrosion protection.
  • Polyester/Epoxy Hybrid Interior Grade
    A blend of epoxy and polyester resins, these hybrids offer improved penetration into corners and recessed areas with less sensitivity to over-bake.
  • Polyester Exterior Grade
    Presenting outstanding physical properties to withstand prolonged periods of outdoor exposure.
  • Polyester Urethane Exterior Grade
    Combines excellent chip, mar and scuff resistance with outstanding thin-film properties and excellent weatherability.

Specialized Technologies
PPG also offers a wide range of specialty technologies that give you flexibility to meet the needs of your application.

  • Metallic Effects
    Exceptional color consistency and performance in a broad range of bonded and blended metallic technologies.
  • Low-Cure Powder Coatings
    Low-cure powder coatings bake at lower oven temperatures and cures more quickly than standard powder, which may help reduce production costs by 15-30% while also increasing throughput.
  • Architectural Powder Coatings
    We offer architectural powder coatings formulated to meet FGIA/AAMA 2603, 2604 and 2605 performance specifications.
  • Extreme Protection
    Whether you need extreme protection from abrasion, corrosion or high temperatures, we’ve formulated a series of powder coating technologies that can help maximum protection.

In Depth: Taking Advanced Powder Coating Technology One Step Further
Envirocron High Transfer Efficiency (HTE) powder coatings are engineered for ease of application, durability and performance on complex metal parts and surfaces. Boasting first-pass transfer efficiency rates of 85% or greater, Envirocron HTE powder coatings are ideal for spray-to-waste applicators seeking to reduce product loss and increase productivity. The higher transfer efficiency means less time cleaning between color changes.

Envirocron HTE coatings can be applied directly to metal or over an approved primer for enhanced performance. The polyester HAA formulation is TGIC- and BPA-NIA.

  • Reduced Oven Temperature Required for Baking
    Standard powder coatings require temperatures of 395° F or higher to bake and cure. Envirocron HTE powder coatings require oven temperatures of only 350° F to bake properly. This lower temperature reduces costs and energy usage.
  • Improved Wrapping on Parts and Equipment with Complex Shapes
    Objects like wire racks, metal shelves, wheels and angular or tubular parts make coating difficult with standard powder coatings. Engineered for higher air-flow rates, Envirocron HTE powder coatings make it easier for you to cover those hard-to-coat parts.

Go to the Max: Extreme Corrosion Protection with a Single Coat
PPG ENVIROCRON® HTE Max coatings represent an innovative step forward in the protection of large truck wheels, agricultural equipment, heavy-duty equipment and industrial equipment. Delivering first-pass transfer efficiency rates of 85% or better, these coatings are designed for applications where ease, durability and performance on complex metal parts and surfaces are paramount.

PPG Envirocron HTE Max coatings offer up to three times the corrosion resistance of traditional single-coat powders, but without the higher labor costs and longer process time associated with more durable primer/topcoat systems. The result is a balanced coating that offers better protection for your parts and increased efficiency for your painting process.

Service That Sets PPG Versolon Solutions Apart
The value of our product is the service we provide. We combine our leading technologies with expert field and service teams that are dedicated to helping your coatings application run effectively and efficiently.

Comprehensive Start-up Assistance
Whether you’re brand new to powder coatings or onboarding new employees, PPG Versolon solutions can provide you with classroom- or field-based technical training that includes setting your equipment, training your operators and fine-tuning your processes.

Quality and Performance Specifications
PPG Versolon solutions will help you design your system so it meets your production and performance needs while creating quality control standards that ensure you deliver consistent coatings performance. Our labs can dial in the quality specifications you need by testing salt spray performance, impact resistance, adhesion, cycle testing and many other procedures.

Ongoing System Supervision
PPG Versolon specialists will help you properly maintain and manage your system, performing routine oven profiles and line audits to make sure your parts are curing properly and effectively.

RAL Colors
Our RAL color feature standard and ultra-durable TGIC polyester resin technology with excellent weathering, flexibility and hardness. We have over 250 colors in the program, with many in stock and available for next day shipping.

Always Delivered with a Commitment to Sustainability
We have long been committed to working with our customers to engage our communities and move toward a more sustainable future. Our powder coatings are formulated without solvents that release VOCs.

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