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How a Custom Tooling and Hanging System Gives You a Competitive Edge

Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Your production line is a system, not a set of isolated parts. You can only design efficient systems by taking everything into account—equipment, parts, layout, line orientation and operators. Not surprisingly, looking at the big picture helps everything come together and creates major competitive advantages. One company that does precisely that is Mighty Hook.

Here are five areas where a holistic perspective with a custom approach to hanging, racking and masking can have a tremendous impact.

1. Increasing Line Density
Many coating lines suffer from low output due to space requirements between parts. As Scott Rempala, President & CEO of Mighty Hook, says, “Designing an efficient hanging system for an application is one of the most important tasks associated with coating a product, yet it often is given only secondary consideration."

Many conveyor systems change height during the process, with parts going up or down as they move along the line. To accommodate inclines or declines, parts need to be spaced appropriately. As a result, line capacity is lower than it ought to be.

The Mighty Hook patented Angle Pivot Tooling System solves that problem. The innovative system automatically rotates parts as they head up or down the incline, dramatically reducing the separation needed. The result is a true solid wall of parts and a significant improvement in line density.

The idea was straightforward, but the execution took some ingenuity. The Angle Pivot Tooling System yields more production, better first-pass transfer efficiency, better in-plane tracking of all parts and more accurate coating thickness control. Several Fortune 500 clients who implemented this system have seen up to a 50% increase in total conveyor capacity and throughput.

2. Adding More Capacity

A coating services company thought its line was already at capacity, but didn’t want to add a second line for a customer’s new product. Mighty Hook studied their existing production and, by taking a holistic approach, identified system upgrades to increase their overall capacity.

Expert engineers eliminated all single-hanging paint racks, combined racking solutions and added conversion tooling that eliminated sway on inclines and declines. On the floor, Mighty Hook recommended offline pre-racking, which significantly reduced gaps between racks and downtime between jobs. These custom solutions immediately added 30% more capacity on coating lines, reduced backlogged projects, and streamlined loading and unloading. The system also helped the company minimize coating waste by better planning assembly tasks around the coating process and achieve safer working conditions for all operators and supervisors.

3. Improving Output with Happier Employees and Improved Ergonomics
Hanging, racking and masking more efficiently and ergonomically saves time and money, and increases employee safety and productivity. For the coating services company mentioned earlier, Mighty Hook’s customized double-hung racks offered ergonomic advantages during assembly and gave users the added capability of stacking, which increased throughput. A cart crossbar, made of structural steel, was securely attached but easy to remove, making the carts safe and easy to maneuver when fully loaded (with a capacity of up to 3,000 lbs.). These carts were an upgraded version of the customer’s previous design, making them familiar to users while increasing production.

4. Enhancing Flexibility and Increasing Cost Savings
The assembly line at a leading agricultural manufacturer had many manual processes that wasted time and labor. The manufacturer also wanted a flexible racking system that could be set up in fabrication and welding to maximize the number of parts for multiple kit configurations. Working together, Mighty Hook and the manufacturer customized the existing “trolley” carts used throughout the plant. Seasoned Mighty Hook engineers also designed customized double-hung racks that reduced unnecessary handling, streamlined the process and maximized coating operations. The new system substantially improved assembly line throughput and capacity, and let the manufacturer significantly reduce handling labor. Cost savings were significant.

5. Maximizing Speed, Stability and Safety
While evaluating another conveyor system, Mighty Hook determined that an improved rotating mechanism for larger pieces on the finishing line would help increase speed stability and safety. They built a customized externally powered rotator system that delivered all these benefits. Instead of a traditional powered rotator with two fixed chains on the track, the new technology used just one chain sprocket set, reducing cost while allowing speed and reversibility. Plus, the instant retraction system made engaging and disengaging rotators safer and faster.

How to Improve Your Overhead Conveyor Process

Mighty Hook follows a streamlined process that helps quickly and resourcefully engineer the best solution for any manufacturing line to enhance overhead conveyor processes—increasing throughput, lowering costs and enhancing safety. The process has the following steps:

Defining Need
Mighty Hook gathers data and analyzes challenges and budgets before getting to work. They look at team safety, ergonomics, throughput, productivity, regulatory demands and more.

Creating a Blueprint
The Mighty Hook team takes into account all requirements and then designs the best solution, tapping into their more than 100 years of combined coating experience. Their solutions take into consideration budget, timeline, the previously defined needs and more.

Engineering a Prototype
Upon design approval Mighty Hook creates a prototype, bringing a custom solution to life. Customers can test it in real-time in their production environment and then adjust and retest it until it’s perfect.

Prototyping is assisted with 3D modeling, creating speed and cost-saving advantages that give clients a competitive edge. Learn more about their 3D modeling process here.

Once the ideal solution is found, Mighty Hook goes into production at their convenient, Chicago-based 50,000+ sq. ft. facility. As North America’s largest manufacturer of hooks, racks and masking products, Mighty Hook provides solutions on time and on budget, every time. “Made in the USA” is smart business for them and their clients.

Delivery and Ongoing Support
After delivering their custom equipment, Mighty Hook is not finished, not even close. They continue to service the equipment and work with their customers for the life of the machine.

In short, Mighty Hook’s experienced, consultative sales approach can generate process improvements, increased efficiencies, greater productivity, cost savings and wider profit margins for your business—giving you the competitive edge.

To see Mighty Hook's patented technology in action, watch the short video below on the Angle Pivot Tooling System. And to refine your racking systems and gain a competitive edge, contact Mighty Hook today