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Membership Memo—A Formula for Success

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2022

Inland Powder Coating (IPC) got involved with PCI over 30 years ago when the organization was in its infancy. At the time, business decision makers were unaware that there was an alternative to painting, anodizing, and plating, or that the comparative benefits of powder coating in many applications were a better solution for their finishing needs. Often, the challenge of attracting new customers to our small powder coating job shop in Southern California was to explain what powder coating was before we could even begin to talk about the advantages. I remember taking powder coated sample chips and showing the impact, chip resistance, and bend capabilities with my trusty “hammer and pliers” demonstration, whacking and bending them. Potential customers were amazed, and I let them take a turn abusing those chips!

Back then, there was no access to information from the web. No web, imagine that? We used fax machines to get information quicker than snail mail and had to make copies of faxed sheets before they faded away to a blank page. Most younger professionals probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Exactly my point; information dissemination is easier now. PCI was formed to educate through accurate information about all things powder. One of the best benefits of PCI is the opportunity to meet fellow owners, managers, supervisors, and vendors for open discussion, constructive criticism, and sharing the latest technology. Knowledge also has another great benefit: knowledge translates to profits and survival.

IPC always prefers to compete against a competent, knowledgeable job shop that knows their business, costs, and how to quote, rather than a “match IPC’s price” type of job shop. Early on, PCI needed a way to encourage applicators across the country to do a better job of powder coating so our new industry wouldn’t get a black eye from substandard coating and failures that would kill the chances of powder being widely accepted as a coating alternative. This led to the creation of the PCI Certification Program. IPC was one of the first job shops to attain PCI Certification and it sets us apart from the hundreds of other competing job shops and shows our customer partners that we can provide ongoing finishing solutions.

I leave you with this: Get active, get Certified, connect with other professionals, join a Peer Group! And remember, knowledge equals profits and survival.

Dave Flatten is president at Inland Powder Coating.