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Membership Memo—Looking Back

Posted on Thursday, July 8, 2021

I have enjoyed a wonderful 30+ year career in the powder coating industry. I’ve served the industry as technical rep, regional manager, director of sales, global market manager in oil and gas coatings, and NACE coating inspector. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of many different aspects of the finishing industry, with a particular focus on powder coating.

My involvement in the industry has generated many mentors who have made an impact on my life. However, the most influential of these mentors was not a person but an organization—the Powder Coating Institute. I have been
involved with PCI on several different levels for many years— from delivering papers and presentations at finishing shows and events, to working with the Education Committee on workshop presentations and updates to Powder Coating: The Complete Finisher’s Handbook. These experiences required time away from my normal work life, but that extra time is an investment that has paid dividends of great proportion.

One aspect of PCI membership that I have particularly enjoyed is my involvement with the Education Committee. In addition, participating in the Powder Coating 101 and 202 workshops has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Observing someone new to the technologies in our industry absorbing knowledge passed on from a PCI workshop is more satisfying than I can explain. On more than one occasion, I have encountered someone who remembers meeting me at a past workshop. I always enjoy hearing about what they learned and experienced and how that experience has made a difference in their career.

PCI has also been a tremendous avenue to inform and train the industry on health and safety issues. These efforts have contributed to a safer powder coating industry. It is always a great feeling to know that you have been part of teaching someone to “do it right.”

Most of all, I think that the comradery amongst my peers has been the greatest asset of being a PCI member. The ability to share ideas and thoughts with others in the industry has been a great membership benefit. I always look forward to the Annual Meeting to see friends and associates I’ve connected with over the years. Looking back, I can’t imagine my time in this industry without the Powder Coating Institute. It is difficult to fully explain what an asset PCI has been to me. Heck, I have enjoyed it so much I may stick around for another 30 years!

Joe Glassco is powder systems manager with Wagner Group.