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Membership Memo—A Passion for Powder Coating

Posted on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

I was first introduced to PCI in 2012 when I attended the annual meeting and have been actively involved ever since. From the people to the member companies and the organizational management, the association is truly dedicated to better, grow, and serve the powder coating marketplace.

As a member it’s rewarding to serve the association and its membership on behalf of Henkel in an area that is near and dear to our hearts: metal pretreatment. We bring to the table industry expertise encompassing nearly 100 years of pretreatment innovation and sustainability. From providing content and trainers for 101 & 202 workshops, to giving technical presentations and serving as a resource on working committees; being a member allows us to give back and assist those who seek to learn—from novice to expert, painter to CEO. For those of you who are experts in your field, members provide resource support, technical guidance, and insights to serve and shape the industry today and into tomorrow. I encourage you to get involved.

PCI membership has benefitted me both personally and professionally in several ways. I particularly value the numerous networking opportunities with other members along the value chain ranging from raw material suppliers to coating houses, and all of the support product and service companies. Networking within the association has allowed me to better serve and connect team members within my own organization—as well as our client companies—in finding trusted advisors to discuss areas outside the realm of our expertise. Additionally, through continued learning opportunities on various topics outside of my personal area of expertise, I continue to grow and learn from others.

It is remarkable and rewarding to be part of this group that has come together with a passion to grow the powder coating industry. I am grateful for the many friendships made and connections gained as a result of my association membership and participation.

I strongly encourage all members to introduce yourself and connect with others beyond your specific area of impact in the powder coating market. For newcomers, feel free to reach out and connect with me through LinkedIn. We can grab a virtual coffee.

Mark Ziehm is technology manager with Henkel Corporation.