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Membership Memo—Be Part of Something Bigger

Posted on Thursday, March 4, 2021

The last 12 months have certainly delivered on challenges. From the global COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent delivery of a vaccine, through protests and terrifying wildfires, to the unbelievable successful Space X launch, the last 12 months have certainly been unusual, challenging, and memorable.

Despite many sobering difficulties, we have seen expertise, innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and the power of connection shine like never before. People have come together to save lives; to innovate in the face of difficulties; to figure out ways to continue, adapt, and improve; to support each other; and to extinguish flames, literally and figuratively. No matter how big or small the goal, never has the power of working together for a common outcome through the sharing of expertise, experience, camaraderie, and support been so clear.

This is embodied in the heart of PCI; people connecting to share knowledge, experience, thoughts, and learning is an incredibly powerful tool. Working together, as raw material suppliers, powder manufacturers, applicators, equipment and technology suppliers, to further powder as a more sustainable coating is important to us all. Being a PCI member is truly valuable.

We have seen firsthand how being part of something bigger is key to personal and professional development. Getting together with like-minded people who share a common purpose (and let’s face it, there’s a little powder geek in all of us), is exhilarating, humbling, and dare I say it, fun. So many people who started out as fellow PCI members or colleagues have ultimately become firm friends.

There is so much going on in PCI. To name just a few; the PCI education programs, created and delivered by experts that are the perfect training mechanism for beginners or a timely refresher for the more experienced; the Technical Conference that brings the industry together to share our passion for all things powder; committees and working groups that aim to further the interests of powder in so many different areas; and the PCI scholarship program to develop new talent and future generations of powder professionals, which we at IFS Coatings are so proud to support.

PCI is bringing the very best parts of our industry—the people, their skills and knowledge—together. As we have seen in the last few months, this can be a force to be reckoned with, so if you’re reading this and are not a member, I highly encourage you to join and become part of something bigger.

Fiona Levin-Smith is vice president of marketing and specification for IFS Coatings.