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Membership Memo—Making the Most of Your Career by Becoming Involved

Posted on Thursday, January 7, 2021

I began my finishing industry career as a formulating chemist. In my early years, I learned the basics of the finishing world from my colleagues, who quickly became mentors and friends. But after some time my education began to plateau. I wanted to learn more—but how?

I’m sure that story isn’t unfamiliar to many of you. You join your company, work hard, and are eager to learn. Company mentors are great and can provide a great beginning; however, you can learn so much more by truly getting involved in the industry. PCI offers a wealth of learning opportunities, from Powder Coating 101 and 202 Workshops, to seminars and webinars, not to mention likely the best learning path of all, the members.

If you get the chance, take the opportunity to go to the Powder Coating Technical Conference, and other industry events like FABTECH, where you can not only attend education sessions, but also have the opportunity to meet and talk to those who have spent many years in the industry and have expertise in the areas you would like to learn more about. Don’t be bashful, as most are willing to take the time to talk and answer your questions. You’ll find others with the same questions, which will no doubt lead to additional conversations. Before you know it, you’ll have begun to formulate a network of friends in our industry.

Each year the Powder Coating Institute and the Chemical Coaters Association International host a combined Annual Meeting. This venue is a great place to expand your knowledge of the industry, as well as learn about the various committees within PCI. There are always opportunities to join one of the committees, and your participation is a way for you to begin to give back some of the knowledge, experience, and expertise you have gained.

Whether you are new to the finishing industry and are reaching out to others for education, or you are a seasoned professional ready to give back, PCI completes the circle. I hope you take the opportunity to get involved in our great industry and association.

Marty Korecky is business specialist–powder coatings at AkzoNobel Powder Coatings.