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Directors Message - New Motivated Leaders

Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A number of years back, our board determined that when considering nominees for open board seats, more attention would be given to the current board makeup and the types of talent needed to fill any gaps. Of course, it helps that our bylaws dictate in detail that the board include several membership categories to ensure that a good cross section of members are represented. Beyond that, the board felt it important that we take additional steps to avoid the perception of being a good ol’ boy network. Yes, I know that this term can be defined in different ways and it’s not always bad, but it was determined that more focus should be given to adding fresh, forwardthinkers to the PCI Board. While that is important, there are talent needs that are assessed, and each election may require that the nominating committee look for different skills sets within the nominees. This is part of good governance.

With a board of 11 members, each serving a two-year term, making changes can take time, but I am happy to report that we are progressing very well in this regard. In the past few years we’ve added two young professionals, Chris Beninati with Elcometer and Rick Gehman with Keystone Koating, to the board along with two women, one of whom is now on our executive committee. This year, Sue Ivancic with Nordson Corporation is our treasurer. This positions her to serve as our first female president for the year 2021. In addition, last year we had two veteran board members from powder producing companies retire. Two new powder producing board members who have not previously served on the board were elected by the membership: Shelley Verdun with PPG Industries and Tom Whalen with TCI Powder Coatings.

The PCI Board of Directors possess a shared commitment to serve our membership and see that PCI’s efforts effectively promote powder coating technology. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

According to our bylaws, each year, the current president begins the election process for the next year by selecting the nominating chair. The nominating chair then organizes the nominating committee and the process begins. It wraps up with an election by the membership near the end of the year. The ballots include nominee bios so that members can make educated decisions. Member response to this election is a crucial responsibility. I ask that our voting members keep a watchful eye for this ballot and be prepared to participate.

With that you might ask, what does it take to be nominated for the PCI board? The answer is demonstrated service to the association. Choose a committee or subcommittee and volunteer to serve in a capacity that puts your skills to work for PCI. Each fall, board nominees are selected from our pool of volunteers. We can always use more volunteers so let us know how you’d like to contribute.

Trena Benson

Trena Benson, Executive Director