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Membership Memo - Don’t Be a Spectator

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019

There’s a funny quote that states, “Don’t live your life as a spectator. If no one is cheering or booing you, it means you’re not in the game!” While this is relevant to all areas of life, I think about how it relates to PCI. I’ve been in the coatings industry for over 30 years and a member of PCI since 2015. Being relatively new to powder, I quickly realized at my first annual meeting the opportunities that PCI offered me both professionally and personally. PCI is made up of some of the best professionals in the industry. Members have the unique opportunity to engage and network with experts in powder coating technology, raw materials, equipment, 
and application to learn about industry trends and advances in technology, as well as custom coaters and OEMs. The key word to focus on here is engage.

We need your ideas and commitment to the PCI team, so get in the game!
As an association, PCI is committed to serving its members by promoting the benefits of powder coating technology as the most sustainable, economical, and high-quality coating choice. In the big picture of the coatings market, powder is growing but is a small player when compared to liquid. As the premier powder coatings association in the U.S., it’s up to all of us to change that. And change takes leadership, strategy, commitment, education, and influence. I started by participating in the sessions at the annual meeting, networking at the Olympics and golf events, and volunteering on the Certification committee. I later accepted the position of Certification committee chair and am now a member of the board of directors. I am passionate about innovation and the advancement of powder coating done right. It would’ve been easier for me to be a member and avoid the time commitment, but I’m simply not a good spectator! I urge you to join me – if you’re new, take the 101 and 202 classes. If you’re a long-time member, consider presenting at an upcoming meeting or chairing a committee. If you’re a custom coater or OEM, consider getting certified. We need your ideas and commitment to the PCI team, so get in the game! (I promise not to boo you!) 

Shelley Verdun is global product manager, powder coatings at PPG.