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Leveraging PCI

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2019

I first want to say to our readers that we wouldn’t dare presuppose that PC should be the foremost resource in your marketing efforts, but for our members,we are certainly a viable and valuable partner in their efforts. We exist, with the support of our members, to be the most avid and passionate promoters of powder coating technology in North America. As the thoroughfare to our industry, we have tools to help you elevate your marketing endeavors. Members use the PCI logo and the Powder Coated Tough Mark to promote their connection to the industry they
serve. They use these logos on their websites, email signatures, quotations,packaging, trucks, business cards, and more. Companies that appear to be well-connected in their marketplace tend to be more highly regarded by those searching for a service provider.

Applicators are invited to pursue PCI 3000 (for custom coaters) or PCI 4000 (for OEMs) Certification to further membership, but I’ve hit on a number differentiate their powder coating operations. It tells their customers and prospects that an independent, qualified third-party audit has deemed that they have the processes in place to produce quality parts. The audit process allows them to set a baseline to assist in their continuous improvement program. Our members volunteer their valuable time to help us make the best of our industry. Join the ranks and add your voice to our efforts and plans. We have five standing committees: Education, Certification, Membership, Promotions and Technical. There are also numerous subcommittees and working groups carrying out the work of our association. Anyone within the industry can find a fitting spot as a Suppliers to our industry participate regularly in our events. They sponsor our Annual Meeting, our Technical Conference and Peer Group Meetings. Many of our suppliers have been long-time members and they will tell you that the consistent visibility they’ve established over the years through PCI has really enabled them to become familiar brands in our industry. Many of our suppliers add to their visibility by getting involved in teaching our workshops or speaking at our conferences.No doubt that word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing strategies out there. Add the credibility that PCI has to offer to your messaging. Add the experiences from PCI involvement to PCI’s informational videos from our YouTube channel to educate your audience. There is not enough space here to explain all the benefits of PCI of them. Though I’ve said this before, I believe it bears repeating… PCI membership typically begins with a new member company tapping into the many benefits PCI offers in the way of education and access to the industry. But then, that membership should eventually transition into having a consistent, visible role within the industry; a role that gives back by supporting PCI efforts and getting involved in what we do to continually grow, promote and improve our industry. Join us today.

by Trena Benson, Executive Director