DogSpot: The Cure for the Dog Days of Summer

Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

DogSpot: The Cure for the Dog Days of Summer

Dogs live for the opportunity to exercise their tails and tongues while leading their humans on a thrilling journey called running errands. Often a ‘No Dogs Allowed’ sign will bring the adventure to a screeching halt. That leaves dog owners with the decision to tie up their best friends outside the store, risking potential theft or injury, or simply not taking their companions along in the first place. With the help of Winston, her terrier mix rescue, Chelsea Brownridge of Brooklyn, NY, solved this conundrum with DogSpot, a “smart” sidewalk sanctuary.

It’s Like a Short-Term Airbnb for Dogs

This high-tech powder coated dog house is climate controlled and uses UV lights on the interior to fight bacteria, viruses and molds. Owners use the DogSpot app (available on iPhone and Android) to find and reserve the nearest location. They access the unit using their member card or app and simply lock their dog inside while running a quick errand. DogSpots are internet connected, which allows users to check on their best buddies through a webcam, keep track of how long they’ve been using the unit, and even monitor the internal temperature of the DogSpot.

Powder Coatings are Puppy Approved

When asked why they chose a powder coated finish for DogSpot, Chelsea replied, “We decided to use powder coating as a finish because it is highly durable and provides an attractive finish.” She added they partnered with TIGER coatings for a powder coating with graffiti-resistant properties. Trojan Powder Coating applies the coatings in their Bay Shore, NY, facility. 

After piloting their unique idea at 50 locations throughout New York over two years, DogSpot is now looking at expansion to cities all over the country.

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