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Directors Message— Speaking of Outdoors

Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hopefully by the time you receive this issue, spring will be in full bloom and we can put this wet, cold winter behind us. I know you folks up north are relieved and happy to welcome the change. Now that we are all willing to head outdoors, it’s perfect timing for a PCT issue that focuses on exterior powder applications. There are many choices when it comes to outdoor durable powders. Understanding the exposures to the finish in its end-use environment is critical in selecting the right powder coating material and finishing process.

PCI member powder producers indicate an upward trend in powder sales over the last several years for architectural applications. One of this issue’s feature articles highlights an architectural case study project, Pier 17 in New York City, requiring protection in a harsh, seacoast environment.

Powder coatings’ outdoor performance characteristics continue to improve and that’s why we wanted to generate an issue specifically for this type of application. This topic is of concern and interest to our entire industry. You may have noticed an uptick of related articles in PCT. 
 • Mar/Apr 2019, Powder Coatings LEED the Way by Fiona Levin- Smith, IFS Coatings.
 • Jan/Feb 2019, Technology Interchange, Choosing the Right Powder, Kevin Biller.
 • Jul/Aug 2018, Modified Super durable Polyester Formulas Enhance Color and Gloss to Meet AAMA 2605 by Hongli Wang and Shun Saitoh, AGC Chemicals. 
 • Numerous Ask Joe Powder articles. 
If you missed any of these articles, it is easy to access them again via the Powder Coated Tough website at

The “outdoors” can expose powder coated parts to all kinds of potentially degrading conditions, from corrosive materials, like road salt, to various atmospheric conditions, like extreme UV rays. Check out our Technology Interchange by Kevin Biller on page 42. Kevin expounds on strategies for cleaning, selecting the right formulation and applying and curing powders for a finish that can stand up to the more extreme environments. 
To take that one step further, you will enjoy reading how Mercury Marine went about selecting the right finish for their Phantom Black engines. Not only did they work directly with the powder producer for the specific formulation needed, they went to great lengths in testing the finish over years to ensure it would perform well in extreme saltwater environments. And of utmost importance, Chris Berger from Calvary Industries writes on surface preparation topics to ensure the surface is well prepared for optimum performance in the end-use environment. 
The best takeaway from all of this is that enhanced performance can be achieved, while reducing your environmental impact, with powder coating technology—the stronger, greener, better finish.
 We hope you enjoy this issue.

by Trena Benson, Executive Director 859-525-9988