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Membership Memo—Twenty Years and Counting

Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

When I joined PCI over 20 years ago, I did so because I felt obligated to become part of the powder coating industry’s trade association if I was going to make my living in powder coating. I have always believed that if the powder coating industry was prosperous and growing, my business would do the same. I feel the same way today, but I have come to realize that PCI is so much more.

During my early years in business, I attended the PCI sponsored powder coating shows as they were an opportunity to meet the significant players in the industry and learn about the latest technology from the suppliers themselves. The hospitality events held after show hours provided a great opportunity to network. It was here that I discovered how small our industry really is. As my business continued to grow, I sent various employees to the educational seminars and classes presented by PCI. Many of our coaters and supervisors have attended the Powder Coating 101 and 202 Workshops and we still refer to the PCI Handbook regularly.

Along with continuing to take advantage of the many training opportunities, I have been active in the Peer Groups since their inception. During the semi-annual meetings with other non-competing coaters, I have discovered that my problems and issues are not unique. I am continuously learning from this network of “free experts” and have developed many long-term friendships with them. This is a benefit that you will only and through PCI and I encourage all custom coater members to take advantage of this opportunity.

My original reason for joining PCI over 20 years ago is still valid, but today I have many more reasons to be an active member of PCI. I would encourage anyone involved with powder coating to become a member of PCI. If you are already a member, make sure you take advantage of the many benifits PCI has to offer and become involved by attending the education events or joining a Peer Group. I have no doubt it is the right thing to do!

By Mark Mortensen is president of All-Color Powder Coating, Inc.