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Directors Message — Be the Chorus for the Voice of Powder Coating

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2019


With 2018 in our rear-view mirror, all I can say is “Whew!” What a year! So much going on, both good and not so good. It’s enough to make your head spin. But I believe this is our “new normal.” More now than ever, maneuvering through our daily lives means we must carefully manage and work through the enormous amount of information available to us to make good decisions. It’s a constant challenge for us all.

Customers are more discerning and savvier than ever before, seeking value, quality, and exceptional service. It is critical to develop a strategy for your business to satisfy these customers, keeping them coming back. Generating a unique value proposition, developing a strong, dedicated staff, being transparent in your communications, offering a personal touch, it takes a great deal of strategy and successful execution to ensure you can meet the needs of today’s more sophisticated customers.

For powder applicators who want to go the extra mile in differentiating their business, consider PCI’s Certification programs. PCI 3000 (custom coaters) and PCI 4000 (OEMs) Certification characterize an additional measure of value within our industry. It provides a third-party “seal of approval” and validates your organization’s skill and expertise in supplying a finish that meets the stringent requirements of those seeking your services. The added credibility from PCI, the “Voice of Powder Coating,” can be a strong boost for your business.

For all PCI members, I recommend that you promote the value of your alignment with PCI in your marketing efforts. Use the PCI logo on your marketing materials and websites to enhance your reputation. Companies that appear to be well-connected in their marketplace tend to be more highly regarded by those searching for a service provider.

I also recommend that you get into the habit of using the Powder Coated TOUGH Mark in your promotions. For details on the Mark, visit our website,, and click on Resources. All you have to do is register; use of the logo is free for members. This catchy little logo tells the world that your business has chosen to use a finish that is environmentally friendly and more durable. Help spread the news.

This first issue of 2019 is full of great information for those who are considering the installation of a new powder line or upgrading an existing system. Our Technical Editor offers his thoughts on selecting the right powder coatings for the specific end-use performance in this issue’s Technology Interchange. In his Tough Talk column, he also shares some considerations when upgrading or replacing a powder line. Advancements in recent years offer systems with far greater efficiencies. Check out his observations.

Our Powder Coating 2019 Technical Conference in Orlando is just around the corner. On April 1-2, we will host the Custom Coater Forum and a Powder Coating 101 Workshop. The Technical Conference will take place on April 3-4. Check out the PCI website,, and register to attend. Orlando is a great location, the programming is packed with learning opportunities, and as always these are great events for networking and learning more about our entire industry. Consider bringing your family for an extended stay to visit the place Where Dreams Come True!

Trena Benson, Executive Director