Communicate and Carry On

Posted on Monday, June 1, 2015

PCI® Committees are making great strides in pushing our association forward. One worthy of mention is the Industry Communications Committee, chaired by Craig Dietz of Axalta Coating Systems. During the past year, members of this committee have worked relentlessly on new association marketing initiatives used to communicate the benefits of powder coatings as a premier finishing solution. In just a short amount of time, they have been able to unveil a new social media presence through Pinterest, create a mobile app, and further the mission of the Powder Coated Tough brand. The results of the work on this committee are a true testament to the power of teamwork!

The Powder Coated Tough brand, or “The Stamp,” as we call it, has been promoted in new ways through social media outlets including a new Pinterest page (www.pinterest. com/itspowdercoated) as well as a press release distribution service. The committee’s goal is to increase consumer awareness of powder coating finishes is a labor of love and requires constant attention—something this committee never shies away from.

In addition, when the committee realized that the Liquidto-Powder Cost Comparison spreadsheet the association created many years ago was becoming outdated, with Jeff Hale of Gema USA in the lead, they worked together to develop a FREE mobile app which is now available for both Apple and Android devices. (For more information, visit: http://www. powdercoatedtough.com/Liquid-Powder-Cost-Comparison.) But their work doesn’t stop there. They are always discussing new ways to continue promoting powder coating in ways that are relevant in today’s industry and to the entire consumer world. Currently, they are exploring the feasibility of an animated video to demonstrate how powder coating works and its benefits. This group’s good work, as with most of the other PCI® committees, is something our industry as a whole can (and WILL) benefit from. So join me as I thank them kindly and ask them to carry on!

 Tamara Hancock is membership and marketing director for the Powder Coating Institute. She can be reached at thancock@ powdercoating.org.