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News from NAM

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2014

Manufacturers continue to wrap their heads around the fact that growth in the early months of 2014 has been more disappointing than originally anticipated, but at the same time, they are cautiously upbeat about the second half of the year. The sharp 2.9 percent drop in real GDP in the first quarter clearly altered perceptions about the economy, with business leaders struggling to try to figure out how that impacts their prospects for the rest of this year. For instance, was the drop in activity mostly due to severe weather, or were there larger doubts about the economy at play?

Utility Air Regulatory Group vs. EPA

The most significant case for the NAM during the 2013 Supreme Court term was the outcome in Utility Air Regulatory Group (UARG) vs. EPA, the challenge to the EPA’s first set of greenhouse gas regulations, in which the NAM was a party. Though the EPA has characterized this outcome as a win, it was in fact a victory for manufacturers. The outcome reflects legal arguments put forth by the NAM-led coalition of petitioners and will immediately relieve small to medium-sized manufacturing facilities from the obligation to obtain permits for their greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the decision invalidates the EPA’s authority to expand this permitting program to potentially 6 million facilities. Round one goes to the manufacturers.

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