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Gema wins 2019 BESSER LACKIEREN Supplier Award

Posted on Monday, November 19, 2018

Gema, a Graco Inc. company, is the winner of the 2019 BESSER LACKIEREN Supplier Award for the product area "Powder Application Equipment". This is the result of a survey conducted by the "IMK Institut für angewandte Marketing- und Kommunikationsforschung GmbH" on behalf of the magazine BESSER LACKIEREN.
Participants of the survey were owners/managing directors and paint shop managers of customers based in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The survey participants assessed their suppliers based on seven criteria:
  • Product quality
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Delivery performance
  • Support during installation and commissioning
  • Partnership strength
  • Understanding of current and future market requirements
  • Innovation competence

Based on positive scores in all of these categories, Gema was able to prevail over its competitors and was selected best supplier for 2019. Gema achieved particularly positive scores in product quality, delivery performance, and support during installation and commissioning.

"Gema's strategy is largely focused on innovation, quality and customer service, therefore we are particularly proud of this award that is entirely based on customer satisfaction. It is an important recognition for our past performance and a great incentive for all of our team to continue growing our business with dedication and enthusiasm", says Claudio Merengo, Gema President Worldwide.

Author: Troy Newport