PC Symposium

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Throughout my career, delivering the message of powder coating technology has been a passion for me. My version of “Powder Coating 101” (how original) serves as my foray into this quest back in 1997. An old friend at a large powder company had asked me to provide a oncea- month tutorial for their junior formulators. I created a number of training modules spanning most aspects of powder formulation from resin chemistry to pigmentation, additives and more. Through the years this mission has morphed from a purely formulating perspective to a more comprehensive coverage of technology fundamentals combined with insight into emerging innovation.

The purpose of these events was to focus solely on advanced technical aspects of powder finishing. We left the introductory tutoring in the able hands of our PCI colleagues with their regular Powder Coating 101 and 202 workshops, informative webinars and the technical sessions at the powder shows. Alternately my contribution has mainly been to inspire and educate the chemists, engineers and scientists in our fascinating technology.

Most recently this has taken the form of the PC Summit. For the past few years, it has embodied the theme of “Bringing New Technology to Market” as we have always maintained a keen sense of converting science into a commercial reality. After some careful thought and helpful input from a number of esteemed colleagues, we have decided to evolve this event into the Powder Coating Symposium. We felt that a “summit” denoted more of a convocation of heads of state and dignitaries and didn’t really capture the spirit of the gathering. Hence, the transition.


So how will the PC Symposium differ from past events? The PC Symposium will integrate academic and institutional energy as well as the traditional formulation, engineering and operational aspects of technology into the conference. We’ll still provide a short course of powder coating fundamentals and an engaging live laboratory demonstration that presents the latest in instrumentation and application technologies. And the top talent in the chemical, raw material, equipment and product fields will continue to deliver the message of innovation to key powder users from the OEM and custom coating arenas. We’re just bringing professionals from universities and research institutes to the same table for discussion of the future of powder coatings.


This year’s PC Symposium will be held on October 13-14, 2015, at our traditional venue in Columbus, Ohio. Tutorials and papers will be delivered in the ballroom at the Westin Hotel and the lab demo will again be hosted by The Powder Coating Research Group. Our new guests from academia and research will be invited to present posters and papers that detail their efforts as well as the astute presentations from industry experts that have historically defined these powder coating affairs. And of course, the evening networking reception will consist of dazzling tabletop exhibits and delicious refreshments.

So, which definition should we apply to the event? Will we have a “drinking party” as Wikipedia designates or will we conform to dictionary.com’s definition of “a meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject”? I guess I’ll leave that up to you.

Kevin Biller is technical editor of Powder Coated Tough and the president of The Powder Coating Research Group. He can be reached at kevinbiller@yahoo.com