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Director's Message: New Products, Services for a New Year

Posted on Friday, February 20, 2015

"If you are not growing, you are falling behind.” Most people in business understand this intuitively and even structure their businesses around the creative process of continually offering more to their customers.

At the Powder Coating Institute (PCI®), the organization that serves its members by promoting the benefits of powder coating technology, we embrace growth and are proud to present new ways for our members— the movers and shakers of the powder coating industry—to grow and prosper.

We are proud to introduce our Liquid-to-Powder Coating Cost Estimator. This new tool is being introduced as a web app on the following web site ( and you can create a link on your website to connect with this directly by hyperlinking to Powder-Cost-Comparison.

In addition, by the time you read this, the web app will be a mobile app available for FREE download on Apple and Android devices from their respective app store. The app description is as follows:

The Liquid-to-Powder Coating Cost Estimator is a simple tool for evaluating and comparing the material cost of a powder coating and liquid coating. The app uses information such as volume solids, application or reclaim efficiency, specific gravity, product cost and applied thickness to calculate and compare the cost of each material. The app offers a visual comparison of between powder and liquid material cost, or the app can be used to evaluate each coating material individually. There are many other advantages to using a powder coating finish and links to additional information highlighting these advantages can be accessed from within this app.

This is just another way PCI® is helping spread the word about the advantages of powder coating as a Stronger-Greener-Better technology!

Next, as most of you know, nearly all print magazines have an online presence to provide more content than is available in their printed editions. This magazine, Powder Coated Tough, is pleased to introduce its online magazine. You can connect at You will find the magazine archives by topic, and the site is completely searchable. In addition, you will find news posted daily so that you have a reason to make this site your home page when you start your browser.

With videos, new products, an event calendar and the latest information that affects this industry, this new web site promises to be the place that people searching for information about powder coating will turn to first!

For members only, we have introduced the Industrial New Construction Sales Lead program. This program sends the latest available information about new construction and plant retrofits in the industries that are most relevant to powder coating, and sends this potential sales lead information directly to members of PCI®. The information is collected by agents all over the United States and Canada and is sent directly to PCI® for dissemination. For more information, please contact me at

In 2015, the Powder Coating Institute will continue to develop new and exciting programs to promote powder coating as well as the value of membership. We urge you to join us in this endeavor!

Dave Lurie

Executive Director, PCI®