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PCI Members - Together We’re Tougher

Posted on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

If you are a regular reader of Powder Coated Tough magazine, you have seen the logo and can certainly appreciate its intentions. What you may not realize is that “Powder Coated Tough” is more than just the name of our magazine. It is, in fact, the Powder Coating Institute’s way of life. Living “Powder Coated Tough” means that we advance, support and promote powder coating as a viable, long-lasting, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly finishing solution. Hence the tagline: STRONGER. GREENER. BETTER. Through staff and committee involvement, we not only strive to educate a sustainable powder coating workforce, but we also promote the benefits that powder coated products provide to end users and consumers.

Advancing Our Workforce

Through committees made up of knowledgeable industry experts, PCI® has created several hands-on workshops geared toward educating and training industry beginners as well as advanced users looking to optimize their current operations. Educational opportunities are also made available through industry forums and conferences throughout the year. But, the efforts don’t stop there. PCI® committees have also published best practices, technical briefings and a powder coating handbook that has become a staple to any powder coating operation.

Promoting the Benefits

With the help of members, PCI® is actively working to grow the “Powder Coated Tough” Stamp program, which was developed to encourage consumers to buy powder coated products. PCI® works with custom coaters and original equipment manufacturers to educate consumers about the benefits of purchasing powder coated products. The current campaigns involve member use of the Stamp on their finished products and marketing materials, nationwide press releases, and consumer magazine articles. In addition, PCI® recently started a Pinterest site (, which is gaining momentum.

Join Us!

If you’re reading this magazine, you already have some stake in the powder coating industry. Why not join in our efforts to advance powder’s use and encourage consumers to purchase products that are Powder Coated Tough? Join a committee, contribute to our magazine, use the Stamp, follow us on Pinterest, share our Facebook updates and Tweets, join our Linked-In discussion forum… the possibilities are endless when we work together toward a common goal!

Tamara Hancock is membership and marketing coordinator for the Powder Coating Institute. She can be reached at