Bonus Focus - Application Equipment

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2014

Getting the powder to the part is a critical step in the powder finishing process. Are you looking for an automatic system or a manual gun for touchups? There are several suppliers from which to choose. To help you in your search for the right equipment, this special advertising section highlights a few PCI® members that make powder application equipment.

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Fourth-Generation HDLV Technology

The company’s Encore® HD Powder Spray System is a fourth generation high-density, low-velocity (HDLV) spray technology. Designed for superior process control, users can achieve a highly dense phase spray, a more diluted mixture…or anything in between. The result is greater transfer efficiency, less overspray and better cured finish quality for every conceivable part type. Other benefits include:

  • A more lightweight, better-balanced gun,
  • Powder deposition at speeds nearly double venturi systems,
  • Superior edge and corner coverage,
  • On-gun controls for fast, easy adjustments, and
  • The ability to spray all powder materials, even those that are most challenging.

Nordson Corporation

Delivering the Right Cloud

The company’s powder coating application equipment is precisely designed to do one thing—deliver the right powder cloud for any application. The OptiGun® automatic powder gun is compact and easy to maintain, provides superior application performance with all types of powders, and allows for quick color changes. Gema’s patented DVC technology ensures a precise and constant powder delivery, resulting in a more uniform distribution and remarkable powder savings. The OptiFlex®2 Manual Powder Coating Unit sprays all powders with ease, coats complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality and does it all in the most challenging environments—anywhere on the planet…any powder any part any place!

800- 628-0601

Power in the Pulse

The company’s GX8500 manual powder coating guns feature second generation Pulse Power™ technology. This enables coaters to more readily apply powder in difficult Faraday Cage areas across a variety of applications. Developed on the successful first generation Pulse Power, Pulse Power II provides constant gun current even if the distance between the gun and part varies. The result is improved corner penetration, ease in recoating or base—top coat combinations, smoother coating films and uniform film thickness. Parker Ionics’ “Everyday Pricing” systems start at $3,395.00 for the GX8500CS.

Parker Ionics