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Powder Perspective PCI Summit Wrap Up

Posted on Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Innovation: The Path to Bring New Technology to Market


The mission of the PC Summit was to assemble the best minds in the powder coating industry to celebrate innovation as the path to market expansion and better profits. A compendium of nearly 120 industry experts representing OEM’s, raw material suppliers, powder coating formulators, equipment technologists, pretreatment experts and research personnel descended upon Columbus, Ohio for this twoday summit. Based on the feedback received from attendees the event was a resounding success. The first day immersed a capacity crowd into understanding the keys to unlock the intricacies of powder coating formulating, special effects, application and troubleshooting. After soaking in the powder technology tutorial, the group was ushered to The PCR Group laboratory. Here they were provided a hand’s on demonstration of the entire powder coating process— everything from raw material selection, weigh-up, premixing, extrusion and pulverization. Participants then encouraged trying their hand at spraying powder using the latest application technology courtesy of Parker Ionics. In addition to experiencing the entire powder manufacturing process, experts were on hand to exhibit cutting- edge techniques to measure coating performance. Technologists had the opportunity to evaluate test instrumentation demonstrated by BYK-Gardner, DeFelsko, TQC and Fischer Technologies. The first day culminated in well attended networking reception/exposition that was sponsored by DuPont Coating Solutions and Chemetall Surface Treatment Group. Industry experts nibbled on hors d’oeuvres and sipped adult beverages as they networked with colleagues and suppliers of emerging technologies. The party didn’t stop as all attendees were presented gifts PCI Summit Wrap Up continued after visiting the over 20 exhibits scattered in the expansive meeting rooms at the Westin Great Southern Hotel. The PCR Group hosted an afterreception candlelight dinner in the laboratory featuring a BBQ theme, cool music and refreshments. Day two consisted of a high energy symposium that presented the latest innovations in materials and application of powder coating technology. Raw material suppliers informed us of innovative building blocks to formulate powders with enhanced performance. Dr. Szuping Lu (Anderson Development) gave a comprehensive dissertation on the myriad of acrylic technology approaches to meet emerging architectural, automotive and farm implement coating demands. Dr. Corey King (Evonik) introduced a novel technique to formulate low-gloss and matte finish polyester powders without the use of TGIC. The thermoplastic powder community was well represented. Agustin Xononostle-Salido (Arkema) presented an intriguing paper on the use of a bio-based polymer to create powder coatings with outstanding durability and mechanical performance. These polyamide 11 type materials utilize plant based feedstocks that do not impact the food chain. Rodger Cram and Gary Weaver (ThermoClad) gave a rousing presentation that extolled the virtues of new developments in thermoplastic powder technology. These include primer-less PVC, ethylene-methacrylic acid copolymers, copolyesters and functionalized polypropylene.

The latest options for nonchrome and non-phosphate containing metal pretreatments were provided in an energetic talk by Suresh Patel (Chemetall). Suresh emphasized the excellent performance that can be achieved with silanes and phosphonates, but also cautioned that process control and cleaning were essential for optimal performance. Jeff Hale (Gema-US) walked us through emerging innovations that are revolutionizing the application of powder coatings. The powder coating process can now be controlled much better with quick color change, dense phase delivery; electrostatic current limiting and novel reclaim technology. Powder coating formulators also took the stage to introduce unique powder coating technologies destined to meet the needs of untapped markets. Beth Ann Pearson (Sherwin Williams) outlined the demands the Army has placed on the performance of powders expected to meet CARC (chemical agent resistant coating) requirements. An excellent treatise on anti-microbial powder coatings was proffered by Duane Wilson (DuPont Coating Solutions). He explained why this technology is needed and presented an insight into various mechanisms capable of creating a sustainable anti-microbial surface. Ryan Schwarb (Keyland Polymer) provided a thorough exposition of powder UV cure technology and where this cure chemistry is being used today. Kevin Biller (The PCR Group) informed of an emerging revolution driven by a paradigm shift from metal to plastic substrates. He offered techniques to powder coat plastic substrates and chemistries suitable for a wide variety of plastic types. The optimism and enthusiasm of the participants was palpable throughout two days of tutorials, demos, symposia and especially networking. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who made this engaging event successful. The PCI administrative staff (Jennifer Egan and Ginny Robinson) did an outstanding job of managing the details of registration, promotion, printing and advertising. Brett Ryden’s relentless energy and dedication kept the engine running as we progressed from a concept to reality. Our sponsors were wonderful and allowed the event to unfold in a professional and classy environment. And our speakers put in countless hours to hone their message to be interesting and accessible to a divergent audience. Most of all I want thank the attendees, without your hunger for new technology this event would be either a stodgy academic affair or meaningless commercial event. It is your quest for innovation that will bring new technology to market.

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DuPont Industrial Coating Solutions Wilmington, Dela., has assigned Ronald W. Hull as the new DuPont Powder Coatings North America sales manager. Hull was the global business manager, Advanced Interlayers, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers. He has been a part of the DuPont organization for 21 years, holding numerous management positions in sales, marketing, product development, operations, engineering and Six Sigma. In his new role, he will manage the powder and industrial e-coat sales activities in the United States and Canada. Hull will relocate to the Houston area and report to David J. Lazzeri, North American Powder Coatings business director. Troy Corporation announces that its performance powder coating additive formerly known as Powdermate EX2099 has been renamed Powdermate 575FL. IntelliFinishing recently hired Paul Winters for the position of on-site supervisor for IntelliFinishing projects. Paul has more than 10 years of experience supervising multi-national crews from India, Egypt, Pakistan, Thailand and Kuwait.

Reliant Finishing Systems has hired Robert Osborne as executive director for Engineered Systems. Osborne was previously employed by Honeywell Aerospace as a director of business development. He will manage Reliant’s rapidly growing Engineered Systems 10 Powder Coated Tough Division and serve as the primary point of contact for both distributors and clients seeking specialized finishing solutions.

Magnum Powder Coating Inc., Comstock Park, Mich., is in the midst of adding on 6,000 sq feet; completion date of mid-August, 2012. After the completion of the addition, MPC’s job shop will have 18,800 square feet.

ABQ Manufacturing, Albuquerque, N.M., has redesigned its website to include photo galleries and customer testimonials. Learn about the company’s precision masking capabilities and look for regular updates, videos of ABQ’s work, and featured customer profiles at

Sherwin-Williams to Lead R&D Team for CARC Powder Topcoat

The U.S. Government’s Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) has selected The Sherwin- Williams Product Finishes Division to lead a $1.4 million research and development project to develop a Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Powder Topcoat for use on military vehicles and support equipment.

SERDP is a Department of Defense (DoD) environmental research program with the mission of harnessing the latest science and technology to improve DoD’s environmental performance, reduce costs and enhance and sustain mission capabilities.

CARC coatings are used on military vehicles and support equipment to help protect military personnel from chemical agents, such as nerve gas. Currently, only liquid CARC coatings are available from coatings suppliers. While liquid coatings are effective in protecting personnel from chemical agents, the use of these coatings emits approximately 5.2 million pounds per year of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. Powder coatings provide environmental benefits because they emit no VOCs. The goal of the research project is to develop a breakthrough technology for a CARC powder coating that: 

• Provides an environmentally-preferable coating option that is able to be baked on the substrate, without the emission of VOCs. 

• Offers significant recyclability potential. 

• Is compatible with existing pre-treatments and liquid CARC coatings to facilitate the DoD’s transition to the new technology. 

• Helps protect the health and safety of personnel who apply or come in contact with the coating.

“We are excited that Sherwin-Williams has been selected to leverage its experience as a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of CARC coatings as we lead a dynamic team of highly-qualified academic, military and industry personnel,” says Beth Ann Pearson, Sherwin-Williams global product line manager, military coatings. Research and development will be conducted at Sherwin-Williams facilities and laboratories in Chicago, Ill. and Grove City, Ohio. For more information, visit

PLC Holding Acquires Wisconsin Oven

TPLC Holding of France has acquired Wisconsin Oven Corporation, a leading American manufacturer of industrial ovens for the aerospace, automotive, composite and finishing industries. Details regarding the acquisition have not been disclosed. PLC Holding is now comprised of Elmetherm, Elino, Wistra, Wisconsin Oven Corporation, and Mecarom Dotcom LTD. PLC Holding has a worldwide presence with offices located in the United States, Germany, France, Romania, India, and China. PLC Holding provides products and services for several industries. Their target markets include automotive, aerospace, electronics, chemical, technical ceramics, porcelain, automation, refractory materials, and powder metallurgy. PLC Holding provides customers in these markets with engineering and manufacturing for material handling systems, automation systems, heat treating industrial ovens and furnaces.

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is located in East Troy, Wis., southwest of Milwaukee and northwest of Chicago. Wisconsin Oven Corporation has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing industrial ovens and other heating equipment for nearly 40 years. Their superior equipment quality and performance along with their commitment to customer service has made them America's largest manufacturer of the broadest range of industrial ovens. Their standard or custom industrial ovens are used for a multitude of applications including heat treating, finishing, drying, or curing. Many of the industries they serve require specific temperature uniformity and equipment performance documentation. Their experienced design team is able to meet even the most stringent standards for their equipment. “We are very excited about the opportunity to combine our talents and experience with those of the PLC Holding group. Collectively the group will have the resources and capability to serve all of our customers’ heat processing needs regardless of temperature requirements. It will also strengthen our global opportunities, expand our market reach and combine our current customer base for future growth.” David Strand, president and CEO, Wisconsin Oven Corporation. This acquisition will strengthen Wisconsin Oven’s global positioning in the industries they serve along with broaden the range of capabilities and products they have to offer customers. Wisconsin Oven and PLC Holding both have a wide range of knowledge and experience in the heat processing field, which will greatly benefit their current and future customers. Wisconsin Oven provides their customers with equipment of unmatched quality and performance. Their addition to PLC Holding will create the opportunity for all companies in the group to provide their customers with a broader range of innovative solutions for their process requirements.

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