PC Summit 2013 Preview, Innovation: The Path to Market Expansion

Posted on Wednesday, May 1, 2013

By Kevin Biller

Last year we sent out a call to everyone interested in innovation to congregate for two hot summer days in Columbus, Ohio, to foster a dialogue of advancing powder coating technology. Boy did we get a response. People from all walks of business descended upon the Powder Coating Summit to engage in an energetic exchange of ideas regarding technology and how to take it to market. The entire value chain was represented, everyone from pretreatment experts to fabricators and resin technologists to formulators and equipment suppliers to instrument mavens and most importantly to OEMs.

And so once again my good people, The Powder Coating Institute, Powder Coated Tough magazine and The Powder Coating Research Group have organized an event that celebrates innovation as a path to market expansion and better profits. This event is again being held in Columbus, Ohio, June 18-19. The PC Summit brings together the greatest minds in our industry’s technical and commercial communities for a two-day event that promises to energize new directions to revive the growth of the finest industrial coating technology.

Central to the theme of “Bringing New Technology to Market” is a full-day symposium that features talks on the emerging technologies that are changing our industry. The program boasts raw material technologists, application engineers, pretreatment experts and renowned formulators.

In addition to the symposium, a full-day tutorial illuminating the fundamentals of powder coating technology will be available to the coatings professional. This includes a live demonstration of the powder coating manufacturing process from raw material selection, through extrusion, pulverizing and the ultimate application and curing. But that’s not all, instrumentation experts will guide the participants on how to measure critical coating properties such film thickness, gloss, adhesion, surface profile and film performance.

The PC Summit provides the preeminent experts in the powder coating industry at your disposal for two full days of intensive dialogue. Visit www. powdercoatingsummit.com to register or for more information.

Kevin Biller is technical editor of Powder Coated Tough magazine. He can be reached at 614-354-1198 or via email at kevinbiller@yahoo.com.