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Troy Corporation to Exhibit New Technologies at the American Coatings Show 2018

Posted on Friday, March 2, 2018

Troy Corporation announced today that the company will be exhibiting at the American Coatings Show 2018 in Indianapolis, IN from April 10-12th. Troy invites visitors to Set a Course for Troy Booth 1442 to learn about the advanced products and unique value-added services available to customers. 

Set a Course for More Solutions
Troy will be presenting its full line of advanced products at Booth 1442, including next generation Polyphase®, Fungitrol®, and Troysan® dry-film preservatives; advanced Mergal® and Nuosept® wet-state preservatives; multifunctional, sustainable performance additives for liquid and powder coatings; and driers. Troy will also be exhibiting its full suite of services, including worldwide field testing, the unique TMMA microbial management program, and global regulatory support.

“The Troy exhibit at this year’s ACS will be an important destination for formulators seeking solutions,” says Troy’s Dr. Frank Cangelosi, Vice President, Marketing. “Coatings manufacturers face numerous challenges globally – but Troy’s premier portfolio of products and services enables them to succeed.”

Set a Course for New Technology
Troy is featuring innovative new product technology and world-class services at ACS 2018. “Performance, quality, sustainability, and value are at the heart of all new Troy products,” continues Cangelosi. “Troy develops technologies that customers need to stay ahead of their competition, and supports these products with value-added services and extensive testing to optimize results in customer formulations.” 

Advanced Preservatives
Troy will be showcasing its latest Polyphase® CR technology, consisting of next generation controlled release dry-film fungicide + algaecides. These preservatives are highly resistant to leaching, resulting in remarkably long-lasting coatings protection as well as providing environmental benefits. Troy will also be exhibiting its advanced Mergal® wet-state preservatives offering powerful ‘quick kill’ activity, long-lasting protection, as well as additional performance and cost-in-use benefits. The latest Mergal® wet-state preservatives are excellent choices for modern ‘green’ coatings, as they are free of VOC, APE, & formaldehyde.

Performance Additives
Troy will feature its new Troysperse™ ZWD ‘green’ pigment dispersants for aqueous systems. Troysperse™ ZWD dispersants promote excellent pigment dispersion at low use levels for optimal cost-in-use, and are environmentally friendly. The full line of Powdermate® powder coating additives engineered for a wide range of applications – from automotive and clear coats to general industrial – will be displayed as well. Powdermate® additives provide degassing, flow & leveling, and texturing, as well as additional functionalities. Troy will also present its complete line of driers, including cobalt alternative solutions and a new line of driers developed for water-based paint & coatings.

World-Class Technical Services
Troy will be featuring its unique, consultative TMMA microbial management program, as well as the company’s extensive worldwide field testing service, which puts Troy preservatives to the test in diverse microbial and climatic conditions to ensure that Troy products deliver dependable performance in the real world.

“The Troy exhibit at ACS Booth 1442 will be an important destination for coatings manufacturers looking for the latest technology, optimum performance, sustainability solutions, and low cost-in-use, as well as full service support,” says Cangelosi. “Set a Course for Troy at ACS 2018 and learn how we can assist you to achieve success in the marketplace.”

Author: Troy Newport