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Powerful Oxide Removal with Minimal Streaking Reduces Rework Costs

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2018

To eliminate rust and oxide scale on laser-cut steel parts, Henkel has introduced new BONDERITE® C-IC 182C*, a phosphoric acid pickle formulated for improved surface wetting and reduced flash-rust formation. This next-generation metal cleaner minimizes rework, lowers production costs, improves aesthetics and can potentially eliminate cleaning processes altogether for lightly-soiled substrates.

By eliminating oxidation, BONDERITE® C-IC 182C improves adhesion of paints applied to finished metal components and minimizes chipping caused by impact. The pickle is formulated to perform on both hot and cold rolled steel used to manufacture metal enclosures, machinery, heavy equipment, architectural steel components, utility vehicles, trailers and other metal parts. This cleaner can be used as a conventional pretreatment spray or on an immersion line, and features biodegradable surfactants that facilitate its disposal into waste streams.

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BONDERITE® is the premier brand for surface technology and process solutions in a range of industries. This technology has been trusted for reliability, sustainability and proven results, delivering superior cost-in-use and operational efficiencies. Its broad portfolio includes conversion coating processes, industrial cleaners and chemistries to improve paint adhesion, corrosion protection and wear resistance to light metals, ferrous-based alloys, mixed metal alloys and plastic surfaces. BONDERITE Upgrades your Standards.

Author: Troy Newport