PC Summitry: Emerging Technology to Take Front and Center in Mid-June

Posted on Sunday, June 1, 2014

It’s nearly that time again, powder coating fans. The 2014 Powder Coating Summit is fast approaching. This year’s event will be held on June 17-18 in Columbus, Ohio. Our prevailing theme as always is “Bringing New Technology to Market.”

You’re probably wondering how this event is different than PCI Workshops or the Powder Coating Show. The PC Summit is all about emerging technology. This is the premier event for coating professionals who have a hankering for what’s the next generation of technology. The PC Summit bridges the gap between the scientists that are generating the latest technology and the market that seeks it.

The PC Summit covers the gamut of powder coating technology—pretreatment processes, application techniques, curing technology, novel raw materials, instrumentation, and of course powder coating innovations. It’s a meeting of the minds of the best and the brightest technologists in powder coatings and related technologies.

This is our third annual PC Summit, and it is composed of a full day of chemistry and technology fundamentals followed by a symposium of the powder industry’s premier experts expounding upon emerging technology that is destined to change the coating industry.

Attendees will experience an up-close demonstration of how powder coatings are made from raw material choices through mixing, extrusion, grinding and ultimate electrostatic application. A live presen- tation of powder coating evaluation techniques and instrumentation will also be provided by industry professionals.

If you are a coatings professional thirsting for the latest knowledge in powder technology, this is the place to be. Past Summits have been attended by people from all over the world representing the entire spectrum of the powder coating process. This is the only technical event that covers all aspects of powder coating technology. The unique combination of handson demonstrations, classroom tutorials, exhibits and symposium underscores the distinctive nature of the PC Summit. We hope to see you in Columbus in June!

Kevin Biller is technical editor of Powder Coated Tough and the president of The Powder Coating Research Group. He can be reached at kevinbiller@yahoo.com.