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Save $$ Through Group Purchasing Power

Posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A recent partnership with UNA Purchasing Solutions, one of the largest Group Purchasing Organizations in the United States, now allows members of the Powder Coating Institute (PCI®) to pool their purchasing power and secure deep discounts on products and services they use every day. The PCI membership program roll-out includes discount agreements though Staples, FedEx and Grainger—covering the office supplies, and shipping and maintenance/hardware supplies needs of our members.

  • Through Staples, members will save up to 35 percent on average and will qualify for quarterly rebates of 1 percent to 2 percent.
  • Through FedEx, members will save up to 50 percent on both domestic and international shipping expenses.
  • Through Grainger, members will receive discounts on all catalog items with no minimum orders.

Not sure if joining our purchasing group is worth pursuing?

Odds are that your company alone would not be able to secure the added discounts that PCI® members qualify for on these programs. We have pooled the buying power of all 269 PCI® member firms to create discount programs each company individually couldn’t get on their own. The only condition for participating is that your company be a current PCI® member in good standing. That’s it. As long as you are a part of The Powder Coating Institute, you will benefit from these discount programs.

Think about it. The money you save on supplies could pay for your PCI® membership dues several times over!

As a membership organization, PCI is on a mission to help members grow their businesses by providing access to quality products and services they can use every day. Extending offerings to assist members in reducing their overall supply expenses is now another way we can help.

Who doesn't want to save money? Consider it just another added benefit of belonging to PCI®!

Tamara Hancock is membership and marketing coordinator of Powder Coating Institute.  She can be reached at