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Attention Bosses: Let Your People Excel

Posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Study after study proves the same thing: Money is only a temporary motivator. All of us like to get a raise or a bonus—even if you are “the boss.” But to earn loyalty and retain good employees, you have to give them the knowledge they need to excel at their jobs.

Your employees want to improve. They want to help you make a better product more efficiently with less rejects. They have ideas about how they could improve your business. They want to further their careers. Most importantly, they want to work for people who want to help them further their careers.

The Powder Coating Institute (PCI®) is the source for the best education available in the industry. We offer both classroom and hands-on training in a number of major cities throughout the year. The courses are taught by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the industry. Each speaker is an expert in their given field, from pretreatment to powder coating materials to application and curing. The expert speakers spend time with each participant and serve as a resource for participants long after the training has concluded.

In addition, PCI® offers online education that your employees can take right from their desks. We offer 10 webinars a year on some of the hottest topics in the industry, such as quick color change, converting liquid to powder, curing, quality testing and so on. These are opportunities for your employees to learn without them having to leave your plant or facility.

Finally and most importantly, PCI® hosts the Powder Coating Show every year. In just two days, your employees can take courses on just about every imaginable subject related to powder coating and talk with the experts who staff the exhibitor’s booths. Exhibitors at the Powder Coating Show represent the “best of the best” in terms of products and services. They are eager and waiting for your employees’ toughest job challenges.

I have heard many bosses in the industry tell me, “I cannot afford to have John take two days out of the plant,” or “it is just too expensive,” or “if I train my employees they will just leave,” in addition to many other excuses. Your employees are not dumb. They can see that you do not want to invest in their future. They see their peers get the opportunity to receive training from leading experts.

IF you intend to build your business in powder coating and keep your doors open in the future, an educated workforce is a key tool for success—from product quality to employee retention. Take advantage of the training that is available, especially at the Powder Coating Show, which will be in Louisville, Ky., from May 5-7, 2015.

Bosses: let your people attend the show. Or, better yet, bring them with you to Louisville this coming May, and excel together!