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CC Forum Roundtable: A Treasure Trove of Information

Every year, The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) hosts the Custom Coaters Forum (CC Forum)—a place for members of the association who run custom powder coating companies—to convene for some valuable brainstorming. Attendees at this year’s event hit the information jackpot.

Sometimes, what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay there. This year’s Custom Coater Forum was held May 2-3 at the Treasure Island, and judging by the reviews, the Powder Coating Institute’s two-day event may be one of the longest running and most successful shows on the strip.

Polyester Powder Coatings: TGIC vs. HAA

Polyester powders are ubiquitous regardless of what part of the world you live. These are the mainstay of the outdoor durable powder market and represent anywhere from 32 to 45 percent of powders sold, depending on global region and who you’re talking to.

This technology has been around since the mid-1970s and continues to dominate the outdoor durable finishing world. Here is a review of the prevailing technologies and their performance. READ MORE

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Coating Thickness Gauge in Action

We have heard that fluoro-ethyl-vinyl ether (FEVE)-based polymers are the only processfriendly fluoro powders which can meet the AAMA- 2605 architectural standard (10 yrs. durability). Can you remind me why other fluoropolymers can be available in powder form (ETFE, PTFE), but cannot be used for AAMA-2605 applications?

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